is always looking for talented digital artists to join our team.  Additionally, paid internships are occasionally granted to stand-out candidates in degree programs related to the visual effects industry. Click below to apply. We look forward to hearing from you.

Responsible for:

  • the successful production and management of digital projects

  • the tracking and management of cost effective individual projects

  • achieving set annual revenue targets

  • development of new client relationships and cultivation of existing clients

Required Skills & Experience:

  • Extensive experience in a VFX/Digital environment

  • Able to communicate effectively and work well independently

  • Adept with resource management tools and Excel

  • Driven to create work of the highest caliber

Responsible for:

  • creating high quality digital composites and visual effects that seamlessly integrate the various layers of a shot

  • performing all tasks associated with the compositing process, including tracking, rotoscoping, matte extraction, color grading, and layering of 2D and 3D elements with live action

Required Skills:

  • Working knowledge of NUKE

  • Ability to create NUKE macros and plugins is an asset

  • Understand 3D multi-pass rendering techniques and colorspace concepts

  • Proficient with Photoshop

  • A keen eye for lighting and color correction

  • Ability to work autonomously and meet deadlines

  • Strong communication skills and a team player

  • A demonstrated ability in all aspects of Compositing

Responsible for:

  • the creation of photoreal envirionments and landscapes

  • the creation of textures and elements for live action plates


  • a strong understanding of light, color, and perspective.

  • expert knowledge of Photoshop

  • experience with Maya

  • experience with 3D projection in NUKE

  • solid understanding of visual effects pipelines - 2D & 3D workflows

  • the ability to work well in a team

Required Skills:

  • Demonstrable experience in character and/or creature animation

  • Experience in live action animation (television or film preferred)

  • Proficiency in Maya required

Additional Preferred Skills:

  • Experience in other animation software, especially in Houdini, XSI, and MotionBuilder

  • Working knowledge of motion capture

  • Working knowledge of scripting (MEL, python)

  • Working knowledge of rigging